Luwero Bosasy




Size Height
1 48(96) – 54(104)
11 54(108) – 62(112)
Max-29 was developed for the armored car delivery service and for security services.
The vest is adjusted according to human stature on the shoulder level by means of textile fasteners having strenthened fixation and fixed on the back side through the metal buckle. The textile fastener widthis 50mm.

The bulletproof vest adjustment according to human stature is performed on the the waist level by means of textile fasteners with enforced fixation on the internal and external side.The textile fastener width is 200mm.

Pockets for government-issue pistol weapons, handcuffs, mobile speaking devices etc. can be sewed on the face of bulletproof vest.

Pockets can be produced according to Customer’s choice.

The bulletproof vest has pockets for hard armour plates on the external side of the breast and back.

The product has receptacle along the wholewidth for bulletproof vest completing with pads without fail.

Max-29 is a visible bulletproof vest

The bulletproof vest is compieted with:

Belt band system can be sewed on the face for additional removable pockets strapping (“Molle” system).

Bulletproof vests are manufactured of ultra-strong necessary signs can be printed on the face cover of bulletproof vest according to the Customer’s choice.
The material, colour of external covers, pockets presences are according to Customer’s choice.