Luwero Bosasy


“Gamma-33” bulletproof vest is a continuation of the line of bulletproof vest class Beta, has an increased area of protection that ensures maximum protection of the human body, has the original surface mount vest- the protection of the neck, face and shoulders, which are attached with the belt tapes, textile fasteners and buckles.

“Gamma-33” bulletproof vest the original cut of ballistic packages is used, that cover the maximum connections on the shoulders, the waist, the same package back protection extended to the bottom edge and the maximum protection to the lap portion of the person.
Bulletproof vest is composed of two parts-the protection of the chest and back, which are disconnected or are regulated by the growth and size at the shoulders and waist.
The bullet proof vest is completed with anti-traumatic insertion.

On the top cover bulletproof vest system «Molle, which allows attachment of additional uniforms and body armour, provides adjustment of the height and size.

The product has receptacle along the whole width on the internal side of breast and back for vest completion flexible ballistic parcels located in the waterproof envelope.

In addition to this vest(optional) provides the ability to emergency release in one motion.

Bulletproof vest is completed additionally with:

  • Detachable protective collar: protection area is 6.0 sq. dm, weight -0.28 + 0.05 kg
  • Detachable groin protection: protection area is 6.0 sq. dm, weight -0.28 + 0.05 kg
  • Detachable shoulders protection: protection area is 4.0 sq. dm, weight -0.2 + 0.05 kg