Luwero Bosasy




Size Height
1 48(96) – 50(100)
11 52(104) – 54(108)
111 56(112) – 58(116)
The fold and buttons on the face are additional imitation of Elite-21.

The bulletproof vest has complicated mounting in the area of shoulder and side belt with elastic belts providing adjustment on size and reliable fixing on the human body as well.

The product has receptacle along the whole width on the internal side of the flexible ballistic parcels located in the waterproof envelope.

The material and colour of external covers are according to customer’s choice.

The bulletproof vest is compieted with:

Every bulletproof vest is completed with Passport in which date of production, protection class, bulletproof, lifetime and manufacturer’s warranty are specified; The labels are sewed on the inside of the protective parcels of breast and back of the bulletproof vest, on which protection class, date of production, product number and batch number are specified as well;

The bulletproof vest is inserted into individual bag, inside of which pocket is present for Passport storing.