Luwero Bosasy


Bobi-28 bulletproof vest was developed for police personnel.

It has all-round ballistic protection including is all-round protection is supplied by construction of the vest that has back protective parcel with length of 0.9m in the area of waist and, breast protective parcel in the waist region with length of 0.5 m.

The bulletproof vest adjustment is performed according to human stature on the shoulder level by means of textile fasteners having strethened fixation on the internal and external sides.

The textile fastener width is 75mm.

The bulletproof vest adjustment according to human size is performed at the waist level by the means of textile fastener with width of 200mm.

The belt band with width of 30cm can be sewed on the face of the bulletproof vest at 30-mm interval for additional pockets fastening («Molle» system).

The bulletproof vest has pockets for hard armour plates on the external side of breast and back.

The product has receptacle along the whole width on the internal side of breast and back for vest completion flexible ballistic parcels located in the waterproof envelope.

The bulletproof vest is completed with anti-traumatic insertion.