Luwero Bosasy


“Alfa-31” bulletproof vest was developed for the army forces. The bulletproof vest adjustment according to human stature is per-formed on the shoulder level by means of textile fasteners having strengthened fixation on the internal and external
sides. The textile fastener width is 75mm.

The bulletproof vest adjustment according to human size is performed at the waist by means of textile fastener with width of 200mm.
“Alfa-31” is designed for use in hot countries: that is why it has an additional internal fastening on the waist on the side of back parcel. Allowing persistently on the human trunk; the front
pro-tective parcel at this freely balances on the human body (not attracted to the trunk) that provides additional air circulation. Such free wearing of a vest is practiced during the on-combat duty but the vest removal is prevented at this.

Three pockets for 6 Kalashnikov magazines are located and four pockets are for F-1 grenades.
The bulletproof vest has fastening for Camel back 3-litres backpack with potable water on the back side. The bulletproof vest has pockets for hard armour plates on the external side of breast and back. The product has receptacle along the whole width on the internal side of breast and back for vest completion flexible ballistic parcels located in the waterproof envelope.
The bulletproof vest has protective collar with height of 7 cm and groin protection fastened by means of textile fasteners on the internal side of breast protection and can be pulled out under necessity.

The bulletproof vest is completed with anti-traumatic insertion.
The material, colour of external covers, pockets presence is according to Customer’s choice.